we deliver talent...

I founded Blok M Casting to deliver talent for features, commercials, music videos, pilots, print, voice over, live events and anything else you’ve got. I do it 364 days a year, because Christmas is a holiday.

Born in Pago Pago, American Samoa, I'm the son of an international attorney and energy negotiator, married for over 50 years to the world's finest mother. I went to 1st Grade in Libya and spent the rest of elementary school on the east and west coasts of the United States. Junior High was in the Middle East, on the Persian Gulf island Bahrain, followed by High school at the Jakarta International School, in Indonesia. Studying liberal arts, psychology and calculus, I earned degrees in Literature and History at Georgetown University, where I also played Division 1 tennis and loved my jogging route -- from campus to the White House and up and down the Exorcist Steps.

After graduation, I worked as a photojournalist in New England, before relocating to LA and diving into TV and Features as a Director of Development at Sunset-Gower Studios. I moved on to International Sales and Domestic Distribution as the VP of Menemsha Films, which received an Academy Award Nomination five straight years for Best Foreign Language Film and/or Best Documentary.

I've studied humans on six continents and over 50 countries, with no idea my peripatetic upbringing was slyly prepping me to become a casting director. People and stories are my life and nothing makes me happier than collaborating to help bring tales to life. We have narrative work at the biggest film festivals, commercials in every medium and platform, print work across six continents, shows on television, movies in theaters, music videos that have won MTV VMAs, Clios, UK MVAs and a Grammy, for Childish Gambino's iconic "This Is America".

Blok M is a mega shopping district in Jakarta, where millions of locals and expats go for clothes, cosmetics, cars, cell phones, electronics, music, movies, medicine, banking, food, fun and loads of other things people purchase. Felt like a good name for my casting company.

My name is Michael Stonewall Beaudry and I have the world's best job, in a business that's always dynamic, always awesome and always fresh and fluid. Careers shift, projects evolve and Darwin was a bright man. Some of the castings I take on have barrels of cash. Some pennies. All are cool. If you have one, hit me up. Maybe I can help.